Re-Elect John Chelminiak, Bellevue City Council, Position 3

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John Works for You

Bellevue welcomes the world.Our diversity is our strength.

We embrace the future while respecting the past.

I was proud to author this vision statement on behalf of the Bellevue City Council. It captured the essence of many days of hard work by seven councilmembers and we all share in the vision.

Making that vision a reality is why Iím running for re-election to the Bellevue City Council.

The last four years have been both a challenge and a success. Weíve come out of the recession and we see a vibrant economy rising again. We never swayed from our commitment to the environment and parks projects continue to move forward. We are getting ready to finally complete the jewel in the system, the Downtown Park. We hired more police and firefighters to keep our city safe 24/7. In short, Bellevue is on track for a great future.

As I look toward another four years on the Council, a lot remains to be done;

         We continue to need smart investments in transportation, transit, and to guide light rail construction through the city with exceptional mitigation.

         Itís time to help our neighborhoods by re-implementing the Neighborhood Enhancement Program. Residents can make the best choices about whatís right for them.

         We are implementing a 21st century economic development strategy that creates good jobs and requires excellent educational opportunities.

         We canít forget those who are down on their luck. We need to find a permanent home for the Eastside Winter Shelter. And we need more tools, like the multi-family tax exemption, to provide incentives for affordable housing.

Over the next four years, I will continue to focus on the three Eís, economy, environment, and education. The city will invest wisely in projects that help create jobs, improve where we live, and bring out the human potential in all of us.

Iíve recovered from the bear attack in September of 2010. But Iíve never forgotten what I learned; the importance of family, faith, and community. It should come as no surprise; Iím bullish, not bearish, on the future of this great city. .

John Chelminiak
John Chelminiak
Bellevue City Council
Position 3

John and his family at the Bellevue Fourth of July celebration
John and his family at the Bellevue Fourth of July celebration

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